Angle Beveled Metal Band Sawing Machine

Angle beveled metal band sawing machine, adjustable angle 0-60 degrees.

This machine is used for cutting steel blanks, iron plates, seamless steel tubes and large shaft parts. It can also cut various black or non-ferrous materials after selecting appropriate process parameters. It has remarkable features such as high reliability, high efficiency and high rigidity, which can replace expensive imported equipment.

Details About Angle Beveled Metal Band Sawing Machine


  • Equipped with high-power worm gear transmission mechanism to maintain permanent lubrication, ensure the stability of the saw belt operation, and extend the saw belt’s using life.
  • The sawing machine has adjustable sawing belt guiding device to ensure smooth running of the sawing belt and greatly improve the cutting quality and service life of the sawing belt.
  • The saw frame can be rotated by 0-60 degrees manually to achieve angle sawing.
  • With cutting stroke switch control, the cutting stroke can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece at any time, which greatly improves the working efficiency.


Technical Parameters:

Max sawingmm0°: φ50 / 350W*350H
45°: φ270 / 270W*270H
60°: φ120 / 120W*120H
Band saw blade speedm/Min27 / 45 / 69
Band saw blade sizemm34*1.1*4515
Main motor powerkw4
Hydraulic motor powerkw0.55
Cooling pump motor powerkw0.04


Max sawingmm0°: φ400 / 400W*400H
45°: φ300 / 300W*300H
60°: φ200 / 200W*200H
Band saw blade speedm/Min27 / 45 / 69
Band saw blade sizemm34*1.1*5160
Main motor powerkw4
Hydraulic motor powerkw0.75
Cooling pump motor powerkw0.04


Max sawingmm0°: φ500 / 500W*500H
45°: φ400 / 400W*400H
60°: φ260 / 260W*260H
Band saw blade speedm/Min27 / 45 / 69
Band saw blade sizemm41*1.3*5610
Main motor powerkw5.5
Hydraulic motor powerkw1.5
Cooling pump motor powerkw0.04

As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

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