Bullhead Spark Machine CNC EDM Die Sinker

Bullhead Spark Machine CNC EDM Die Sinker is realized by moving the electrode of the Z-axis of the working head to realize the working movement mode, and relatively moving the discharge structure of the workpiece.

It can be divided into single-head type and double-head type spark machine. The number of CNC spark control axes can be divided into three categories: three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis.

Details About Bullhead Spark Machine CNC EDM Die Sinker

The load during the electric discharge machining of the bull head spark machine is lighter, and the machining accuracy can be better ensured.

It’s a computer digital control spark machine that realizes multi-axis linkage machining. The machine is automatically controlled by a computer to complete complex and precise spark machining. In the actual machining process, the computer issues a command-controlled spark according to the input program to realize single-axis or multi-axis CNC machining.


Technical Parameters:

Worktable sizemm1600*10002000*1000
X/Y/Z travelmm1000/700/500
Working tank internal size (L*W*H) mm2400*1380*6503000*1500*650
Max electrode weightkg200200
Max workpiece weightkg50005000
Distance from electrode installation plate to worktable (Min/Max)mm600/1150600/1200
Total input powerKVA9*29*2
Power supply380V, 50HZ380V, 50HZ
Max processing current (A)A50*250*2
Axis control numberThree-axis three linkageThree-axis three linkage
Machining accuracymm≤ 0.015≤ 0.015
Repeat machining accuracymm≤ 0.011≤ 0.011
Best surface roughness (μm)μmRa≤0.2Ra≤0.2


As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

Photos Of Bullhead Spark Machine CNC EDM Die Sinker

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