Gear Hobbing Machine

Gear hobbing machine is the most widely used machine tool in gear processing machines.

It can cut spur gears, helical gears, and worm gears and sprockets. A gear processing machine for machining straight, helical and herringbone spur gears and worm gears by means of a hob.

This machine can also process various special toothed workpieces such as splines and sprockets when using a special hob.

Details About Gear Hobbing Machine

The machining accuracy of the ordinary machine is 7 to 6 (JB179-83), and the high precision machine is 4 to 3.

The maximum processing diameter is up to 15 meters.


Technical Parameters:

Max cutting modulusSteelmm6
Cast ironmm8
Max processing spur gear dia.With external bracketmm450
Without external bracketmm800
Max processing cylindrical helical gear dia.Rotation angle is 30°mm500
Rotation angle is 45°mm190
Max hob vertical travelmm420
Max rolling lengthmm380
Distance from hob mandrel to worktable center lineMaxmm585
Min distance of worktable hob mandrel center linemm235
Hob can change mandrel diam.mm22
Max hob dia.mm650
Worktable hole dia.mm80
Worktable mandrel dia.mm50
Hob spindle rotation speedSteps8
Vertical feed of workpiece per rotationmm/Min0.4-4
Main motor powerkw5.5
Main motor rotation speedr/Min1500
Pump motor powerkw0.125
Pump motor rotation speedr/Min2790
Dimension (L*W*H)mm2377*1255*2030

As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

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