Horizontal type Boring and Milling Machine CNC

Horizontal type boring and milling machine CNC is a versatile machine tool with a high level of automation.

It has been greatly improved and has the characteristics of advanced structure and superior performance.

The workpiece can be drilled, boring, reaming, milling, grooving, threading, etc. It is the key equipment for processing box parts.

Details About Horizontal type Boring and Milling Machine CNC

Technical Parameters:

TravelX axis travel (Standard)mm4500
X axis travel (Optional)mm5500/6500/7500/8500
Y axis travel (Standard)mm3200
Y axis travel (Optional)mm3500
Z axis travel (Standard)mm2000
Z axis travel (Optional)mm2500
W axis travel (Standard)mm1000
SpindleDistance from spindle center to worktablemm125-3625
Distance from spindle nose to worktable centermm200-2900
Spindle diametermm130
Spindle taperISO 50
Spindle speed (Standard)rpm/Min35-2500
Spindle speed (Optional)rpm/Min-
Spindle speed segment2
Drive modeGear
Spindle and motorSpindle motorkw37/45
Max torqueNm1942/2362
WorktableDisk size (Standard)mm2500*3000
Disk size (Optional)mm3000*3500
Division angledeg0.001°
Benchmark aperturemm140H7
Max loadkg20000/30000/40000
T slotmm28H7*250*9
AccuracyPositioning accuracyarc-sec±5"
Repeat accuracyarc-sec±4"
Positioning accuracymm±0.005
Repeat positioning accuracymm±0.0025
Drive modeX/Y/Z axisDirect-connection
W axisBelt type
Y axis counterweight modeOil pressure
Feed speedCutting speed, X/Y/Z/Wm/Min8/8/8/5
Fast moving speed, X/Y/Z/Wm/Min6/6/6/6
ATC (Optional)Capacity60
Tool selection modeAbsolute
Tool changing modeTool arm type
Tool holderBT/CAT/DIN #50
Max tool weightkg25
Max tool lengthmm500
Max tool diameter (no tool on left and right)mmφ125/250
OthersRequired air pressurekgf/cm²6
Required powerKVA125
Water tank capacityL315
Covering areamm8500*9690
Machine heightmm9000
Machine weightkg85000


As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

Configuration Of Horizontal type Boring and Milling Machine CNC

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