Hydraulic Radial Drill

Hydraulic Radial Drill is a hole processing equipment, suitable for drilling, reaming, plane and tapping of medium and large parts.

Boring can be performed under conditions of process equipment. And the operation is convenient and dexterous, and the scope of application is large.

Details About Hydraulic Radial Drill


  • Uses hydraulic pre-selection shifting mechanism to save auxiliary time.
  • Spindle is reversing, parking (braking), shifting, neutral, etc., controlled by a handle, and the operation is light.
  • Rocker arm guide rail, outer cylinder round surface, main shaft, main shaft sleeve and inner and outer column rotary raceway are quenched, which can maintain the stability of rocker drill accuracy and prolong the service life.
  • Hydraulic rocker drills have adopted a series of effective measures in structural design and in the manufacturing process, which makes the machine’s precision durability and the service life of the machine greatly extended.
  • It has perfect safety protection device and outer column protection.
  • The headstock, rocker arm and inner and outer columns are hydraulically driven diamond-shaped block clamping mechanism for reliable clamping.
  • Hydraulic rocker drill has high working efficiency and small machining error. It is widely used in drilling, reaming, reaming, boring and tapping of large and medium-sized parts. It has a certain role in the machine tool industry.

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Technical Parameters:

Max drilling dia.mm4050
Distance from spindle center to column generating linemm350-1600350-1600
Column dia.mm350350
Spindle taperMT4MT5
Spindle travelmm315315
Spindle rotation speed ranger/Min25-200025-2000
Spindle speed steps1616
Spindle feed rangemm/r0.04-3.20.04-3.2
Spindle feed steps1616
Distance from spindle end to base worktablemm350-1250320-1220
Worktable sizemm630*500*500630*500*500
Base worktable sizemm2400*1000*2002400*1000*200
Main motor powerkw34
Dimension (L*W*H)mm2500*1060*26502500*1060*2650

As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

Photos Of Hydraulic Radial Drill

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