Large Horizontal Lathe

Large horizontal lathe is used for heavy cutting. It can process various types of workpieces such as shafts, discs, rings, etc.

It is often used to machine the inner and outer rotating surfaces, end faces and various internal and external threads of the workpiece.

When use corresponding tools and accessories, drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling work can be done.

Details About Large Horizontal Lathe

Technical Parameters:

Max swing dia. over bedmm1250/1400/1600
Max swing dia. over carriagemm880/1080/1200
Max workpiece lengthmm1600, 2000-16000 (1000mm as unit)
Max load between centerst15/18
Bed widthmm970
Spindle speedrpm2-200
Spindle motorkwDC55
Tool bar section areamm45*45
Tailstock sleeve diametermm240/280
Tailstock sleeve taper80:1:7
Machine weight of 3mkg23000/25000/27000
Add weight per meterkg1300

As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

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