Pipe Thread Lathe Good Price

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This machine is a horizontal lathe designed for turning large-diameter pipe fittings.

It has a large hole diameter of the spindle(generally 135mm or more) and a chuck on the front and rear of the spindle box.

Details About Pipe Thread Lathe Good Price

It is widely used in mechanical processing of machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, coal, geological exploration, urban water supply and drainage industries.

In order to facilitate the clamping and processing of large-diameter pipe fittings or bars.

It’s mainly divided into two types: ordinary type and CNC type, according to different control and operation modes.


Technical Parameters:

Guide-way Width (mm)490490
Max Swing Dia. over Bed (mm)630630 
Max. Swing over Carriage (mm)350350
Max. Processing Pipe Diameter 126196 
Max. Length (mm)1500/30001500/3000
Spindle Bore (mm)130 200  
Number of Spindle Speed Changes18 steps12 steps
Range of Spindle Speed Changes12~640 24~460 
Range &Number of whit-worth Thread28~2/4028~2/40
Range &Number of Metric thread1~14/241~14/24
Motor Power (KW)1111
Rapid Traverse Speed (m/Min)66
Max. Processing Length of Taper Ruler 500 500 

As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

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