Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining Servo motor

Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining Servo motor’s working principle is to use the continuously moving molybdenum wire as the electrode, and perform pulse spark discharge on the workpiece to remove metal and cut the molding.

Details About Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining Servo motor


  1. Widely used in the processing of various dies.
  2. Can process micro-shaped holes, narrow slits and complex shaped workpieces.
  3. Process samples and forming tools.
  4. Processing powder metallurgy mold, insert cavity mold, wire drawing die, corrugated plate forming die.
  5. Process hard materials, cut sheets, and cut precious metal materials.
  6. Machining cams, special gears.
  7. Suitable for processing small batches and multi-variety parts, reducing mold production costs and shortening production cycle.
  8. It can be used for processing material test samples, various types of holes, and other parts with complex shapes and high-hard materials.
  9. Machining of fine structures, shaped grooves and standard defects.
  10. When the new product is trial-produced, the part can be cut directly on the blank.
  11. When processing thin parts, multiple pieces can be stacked together.


Technical Parameters:

Worktable Travel (mm)630*500800*630
U, V Axis Travel (mm)±25±25
Z axus travel, CNC, adjustable (mm)300300
Max processing taper (Angle/thickness)±6°/80±6°/80
Cutting wire diameter range (mm)Φ0.12-0.20Φ0.12-0.20
Power (KW)≤3≤3.5
Worktable Size (mm)880*6001050*650
Working tank Size (mm)1310*7951400*940
Worktable Max Load (kg)700800
Filtration Accuracy (μm)1010
Volume (L)7070
Drive ModeAC servoAC servo
Best Machining Roughness (Ra, μm)Ra ≤ 0.8Ra ≤ 0.8
Max Cutting Thickness (mm)300300
Max cutting speed (mm²/Min)≥220≥220
Wire SpeedFrequency controlFrequency control
Hardware ConfigurationFanless industrial computer, 32G industrial solid state hard disk, standard PC keyboard
Communication InterfaceUSB, LAN , RA232
Control axis No.4-axis linkage, guide wire lift control
Language InterfaceChinese, English, Russian, Japanese
Size UnitMetric, Imperial
Manual ControlStandard configuration
Power Supply380V±10% , 50/60HZ , 2KVA
Weight (kg)30003800
Dimension (mm)2100*1450*24002300*1600*2400


As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

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