Tapping Machine Center T6

Tapping Machine Center is widely used in auto parts, mobile parts, computer accessories, communication cavity parts, flange etc. industries.

Details About Tapping Machine Center T6


  • Compact structure.
  • Max rigidity, high reliability and high power rating.
  • Direct-coupled high speed spindle with rapid reaction and high efficiency.
  • High speed mute screws, hot linear rolling guides, with little deflexion and high precision.
  • Three axis with high speed displacement 48-60m/Min, can save 50% of no machining time.
  • Safety specification with European standard.
  • High-level CNC control system.
  • Incomparable cost performance.


Technical Parameters:

X/Y/Z Travelmm600/400/300
Worktable sizemm700*420
T slotmm3-14T*125
Distance from spindle nose to tablemm150-450
Spindle rotating speedrpm20000
Spindle motorKW3.7/5.5
Triaxial motorKW1.5/1.5/3.0
G01 feed ratem/Min12
G00 rapid traverse speedm/Min48/48/36
Positioning accuracymm±0.005/300
Repeat positioning accuracymm±0.003/300
ATC tool capacitypcs21 (16)
Spindle taperBT30
Dimension (L*W*H)mm2000*2300*2300

As our company continuously developing and improving our products, the specification parameters might change without any notice.

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